THEA 250 – Production Lab

THEA 250 – Performance & Production is designed to examine the experience and develop a greater understanding and awareness of the production of live theatre. Evaluations will be based on participation in group activities and discussions, projects, attendance to class and work sessions. This class is taught in tandem with the director: Dr. Stephen Rupsch.

Course Goals:

•        To examine all aspects of theatre, primarily as a collaborative process resulting in an artistic means of expression

•        To develop vocabulary and critical skills allowing enhanced participation as an audience member or theatre practitioner

•        To develop an appreciation of the jobs of various artists and technicians who contribute to theatrical production.

•        To create positive work habits that enhance the “creative” as well as serve the “practical.”


THEA 250: Production Lab S14

THEA 250: Production Lab F14

THEA 250: Production Lab S15

THEA 250: Production Lab 250 F15

Designer Presentations:

These presentations are part of the class that goes with our productions. In these presentations, I try to show the students not only how I come to the designs, but also a little of the history of the period of the play.

A Little Night Music Scenic Design Presentation

A Little Night Music Lighting Design Presentation

A Little Night Music Costume Design Presentation

Ghost Stories Scenic Design Presentation: How to design a scary place!

Best of Everything Lighting Design Presentation: Lighting the office

The Importance of Being Earnest Costume Design Presentation

The Importance of Being Earnest Scenic Design Presentation

Student Work:

The student work is integral to the creation of the stage picture. It is part of the whole production and cannot be specifically identified. Please see the production photos for examples of student work.



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