THEA 289 – Principles of Theatrical Art

Theatrical painting is the art of the lie. Scenic artists are tasked with making a material look like an entirely different substance. We make cheap look expensive, new look old, bad look good and good look bad. Scene painting is about planning and process and as such this class is less about creative expression and more about observation, technique, and method. This course will cover the basics of theatrical scene painting, including tools, materials, and techniques. You will learn how to analyze, enlarge, and recreate various textures and surfaces using paint in practical applications.

Course Goals:

  • The student will learn the process of scenic art from preliminary research and analysis to finished product.
  • The student will learn the safety practices of scenic art.
  • The student will be introduced to the tools, materials, and equipment of scene painting.
  • The student will learn the artistic and theatrical techniques used in scenic art.


THEA 287 Principles of Theatrical Art Syllabus

Painting Assignment:

THEA 287 PoTA Project 1 assignment and rubric