THEA 301 – Technical Theatre

This course is an introduction to the practical skills that go into the creation of theatre with a focus on the “behind-the-scenes” aspects of production. It will cover information on costume and scenery construction, implementation of lighting and sound designs, properties collection and creation, scene painting and finishing, and the application of makeup for the stage. This course is both theoretical as well as practical and will require participation in the theatre program’s productions.

Course Goals:

  • The student will be able to identify, understand, and utilize the processes of technical theatre.
  • The student will gain an understanding of safety practices in all aspects of technical theatre.
  • The student will be introduced to the tools, materials, and equipment of technical theatre and how these elements can be used to realize theatrical productions.
  • The student will learn construction, artistic, and production techniques that will be used on the semester’s productions and class projects.


THEA 301 Technical Theatre Syllabus

Final Assignment Sheet:

THEA 301 Final project assignment and rubric

Student Final Projects:


Ryan Penkal, Hayley Siira


Clara Wendland, Sarah Schlichter,


Mariah Martin, Alicia Skrivanie